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Things are Heating Up

Who: Li-Hua, open

Cabbage Corp and Future Industries' Equalist ties, Lin's resignation

Where: Cricket Parlor

The day after the raid on the Sato mansion.

Li-Hua curled her hands around her tea. The backlash from last night was still coming in over the radio, and, while she'd finally decided on the best course of action for her last night, she was still reeling from all the new information.

A voice crackled over the radio, breaking into the music.

"This just in! Lin Beifong, Chief of the Metalbending Police, has just handed in her official resignation to the Council. Neither the former Chief nor any Council member has released a statement yet, but we're hoping to hear from someone soon. Some career highlights for Chief Beifong include--"

Lin tuned out most of the rest of the announcement, but kept one ear on it in case someone actually did talk to a reporter today. She tightened her grip on her cup. More and more complications.

She needed to start putting feelers out, figuring out the logistics of her plan, and for that, she needed to cultivate friendships outside of her company--something she'd avoided as much as possible up until now, given the complications of her family life. She looked around, to see if anyone else was paying attention to the radio or looked friendly enough to approach and try a conversation with.

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OOC: so I haven't seen the new episode yet, so as soon I do I will RP into this thread.
Vee walked into the Cricket Parlor, a stack of printed fliers in her hand with the words "Protest the Equalist supporter Sata-Mobile" written across the top. Since enlisting in the Republic City Unity organization, she had been involved in several public relations campaigns to promote bender/non-bender unity and also speak out against equalist supports. In the wake of Chief Beifong's resignation followed by the evidence to come out that Hiroshi Sato was backing the Equalist movement, she had been tasked to spread flyers around the city in support of Lin's Beifong's career and exposing the Sato-Mobile connections to the terrorist organization.
She scanned the room and her eyes settled on Li-Hau, sitting by herself looking distressed. Their last meeting had been tense and not ended well, and Vee felt bad that she had been rude to Li-Hau. In the wake of the most recent events she had hoped had swayed Li-Hau's opinion that these Equalist had to be stopped. Vee had never seen war time or been in any sort of conflict, so her naive expectations of what it would take to stop the Equalist movement weren't grounded in any grim reality, and she still harbored an optimistic view that the benders of the city would be able to dispense of the Equalist threat with out blood shed.
Shuffling the posters in her arms she took a seat at the table near Li-Hau, her eyes down cast. "Hi...." she said tentatively. Looking up at Li-Hau she said quickly in one breath so she wouldn't lose courage. "Look I'm sorry about last time, its just now I hope you see that these Equalists are even more of a threat than we even thought with Sato fortune backing it and as benders we need to come together in solidarity against this threat, so let's not hold any malice towards each other, okay?" Vee ended her quickly fumbled apology with a nervous grin.
Li-Hua blinked, then relaxed a little, smiling back tentatively. "It's okay. I was pretty rude, too. I'm sorry." She paused. Plan was to make friends... "How have you been? Okay, I hope..."
Vee's posture visibily eased at Li-Hau's receptive reply. Shuffling the papers in front of her on the table she handed a sheet to Li-Hau. "Well since we last talked I've been involved with the Bender/Non-Bender Unity movement. Right now we're distributing information about the latest Public figure to be outed as an Equalist supporter: the Sato corporation. We're calling on all Benders and Non benders alike to boycott his company." Handing Li Hua a sheet of paper she smiled. "I helped blend the different color inks to produce the poster myself"
Li-Hua took the poster and looked through it. "This is a really good idea," she said. And it was--people could function without satomobiles, it would just take longer to get places. And might even save some lives--fewer satomobiles meant fewer crashes, after all. "And it is a really nice poster." She smiled.
"Thank you," Vee replied. "We're hoping that a reduction in sales of the Sato-mobiles will help put the breaks on the big funders of the Equalist movement. How are things at your theater?"
Li-Hua shrugged. "Business is picking up again--we always have much smaller audiences the month of the pro-bending tournament--but not as much as it has in past years. Part of me thinks that's a good thing--one less place to be targeted," Either by the Equalists or Tarrlok's task force thinking we're harboring them, "but part of me is just worried about funds. And wondering if there's going to be a burst of Let's All Distract Ourselves that boosts my business." She smiled a little shamefacedly. "How terrible a person does that make me?"
"Oh I don't think that makes you a terrible person" Vee said sincerely. "If anything you're helping to encourage bender/non-bender unity by providing a nice distraction from all the conflict." Pausing a moment Vee looked up as an idea came to her, "On that note, have you thought about having a performance about how benders and non benders have worked together? Maybe about Avatar Aang, Master Katara, her brother Sooka and his wife Suki, and how these non-benders worked with the avatar and benders to bring an end to the 100 year war?"


May 24 2012, 03:30:28 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  May 24 2012, 04:14:13 UTC

Should have expected this. "I...try to avoid political plays as much as I can," Li-Hua said slowly. "But..." If I do plays like that, the kind of people who will accept and need extraction and...well, they'll know I'm friendly. "I'm...willing. I'll take time to write and set up, we usually need two weeks with a complete script before opening. And, after that...I don't know how radicalized things will be by then. I don't want to draw too much attention to myself and get myself killed or captured..." She smiled a little. "If the wording's careful, I might get away with it. Once I write it." And I can put coded messages to potential rescuees in it. "I don't really trust any of my usual playwrights with something this...sensitive."
Vee smiled broadly at the warm reception to her idea. "Oh, I'd love to help in anyway I could.. though I've never really written anything let alone a play. But in anyway I could help I'd love to take part!"
Li-Hua smiled faintly. "Just give me some ideas of wordings you think will get the point across but not put my theater in too much danger, and I'll make sure to include them. With any luck, I'll have it written by the time we start preparing our next show and we can stick this one in." I just need to figure out how to word my coded message...
Vee nodded vigorously. "Oh this is so exciting!" she declared clapping her hands together. "I shall get to work right away on this, and bring you what I've found out in a few days." Bowing to Li Hau she beamed another smile. "I'm looking forward to helping out with this! I think this will be just what the community needs right now: entertainment with a Unity message!"
And when things escalate, I'll be ready for extractions. "Yes," she said, with a smaller smile than Vee's, before getting up. "I should get back to the theater. Come by as soon as you have something for me, okay?"