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Republic City under Attack

Who: Everyone who is still active in the game.
What: Republic City is under Attack by the Equalist
Where: All over the city
When: During the Equalist attack on Republic City starting with the bombs going off.

OOC Ok this is a plot device where every character in Republic City who is still active in the game will need to respond. In the beginning of your comment mention where your character is when the city is attacked.

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New Mod in town

Hi Comm! flowerbender here. I have been granted moderator status to help infuse some more activity into the community. We're looking for some new players and I'm going to start posting after episode discussions that we can talk about the show and discuss possible roleplay scenarios for players. Those of y'all still out there, feel free to advertise the comm and see if we can get some more players.

OOC: RP threads wanted and more advertising?

Hi community,
I'm posting this OOC thread to ask if there are any characters out there looking for a good RP thread to come into. I've initiated a few and they have yet to be responded to. If you have an idea for some story lines perhaps we can comment on this post and that way we can make RP threads that are receptive to other players.

Also I was wondering if we could post another round of advertising in the Korra and AtLA communities. I'd like to garner some new characters to take part and get this comm more active.
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When Equalist attack the Flower shop, will anyone be there to help?

Disclaimer: So I got to watch the new episode a little bit ahead of schedule so if you haven't watched it yet, you may want to hold off RPing into this thread until after you watch the show so you don't get spoiled.

Also this is an action thread!

Who: Vee in her shop the night of the "round up"; Open to anyone in the neighborhood
What: Equalist attack
Where: Vee's Flower Shop
When: During the Black out

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