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Republic City is at War

Who: Vee at the The Cricket Parlour and anyone else
What: Republic City at War
Where:The Cricket Parlour
When: The night after the Pro-bending finals and Amon's attack

Vee put down the paper, the headlines still causing her to visibly tremble. Republic City was at war. Amon's attack on the Pro-bending Finals left the city officials with not other choice. Vee wanted to talk to her family but she knew that the moment they heard the news they would want her to come back to the Foggy Swamp immediately. Despite all the terror in the city the Equalist had caused, Vee didn't want to leave. Her floral shop was starting to do very good business, and thanks to her connections with herbalist and other waterbender healers in the city, she had been afforded a measure of respect and tolerance even among the non-bending community. The threat that the Equalist posed was daunting and terrifying, but Vee felt that she had something to contribute and wanted to join the fight against these Equalist terrorists. There was an add to enlist as a healer and city supporter at the bottom of the newpaper that Vee had circled. She look around the shop from the local detective in this part of the city, Lt. Rika to see if she could talk to her about enlisting. Also she wanted to continue learning more offensive waterbending styles so she could put up a fight if needed, and classes were starting to pop up that specifically were geared towards benders fending off chi-blockers.

Vee took a sip of her tea and contemplated the events of the night before. She had managed to make friends with a fellow shop keeper and had spent the evening listening to the pro-bending finals on the radio. The Equalist attack had all been broadcasted right down to Amon's message to Equalize the city, and taking away the bending of the Wolf Bats. Listening to the crisis unfold on the radio had emboldened Vee to stay in the city despite the terrifying idea of having to go to war. If anything she represented the better part of bending. Her people were healers after all, and tended plants that could be further used to make other medicines. Benders had an important role to play and while there were benders who abused their powers, there were also benders who cared about the community and wanted to use their abilities for the greater good, and Vee knew that was part of the reason she had to join the cause.

Looking around the bar, she looked around for a familiar face that she could talk to about the events of the night before...
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