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Things are Heating Up

Who: Li-Hua, open

Cabbage Corp and Future Industries' Equalist ties, Lin's resignation

Where: Cricket Parlor

The day after the raid on the Sato mansion.

Li-Hua curled her hands around her tea. The backlash from last night was still coming in over the radio, and, while she'd finally decided on the best course of action for her last night, she was still reeling from all the new information.

A voice crackled over the radio, breaking into the music.

"This just in! Lin Beifong, Chief of the Metalbending Police, has just handed in her official resignation to the Council. Neither the former Chief nor any Council member has released a statement yet, but we're hoping to hear from someone soon. Some career highlights for Chief Beifong include--"

Lin tuned out most of the rest of the announcement, but kept one ear on it in case someone actually did talk to a reporter today. She tightened her grip on her cup. More and more complications.

She needed to start putting feelers out, figuring out the logistics of her plan, and for that, she needed to cultivate friendships outside of her company--something she'd avoided as much as possible up until now, given the complications of her family life. She looked around, to see if anyone else was paying attention to the radio or looked friendly enough to approach and try a conversation with.

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