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When Equalist attack the Flower shop, will anyone be there to help?

Disclaimer: So I got to watch the new episode a little bit ahead of schedule so if you haven't watched it yet, you may want to hold off RPing into this thread until after you watch the show so you don't get spoiled.

Also this is an action thread!

Who: Vee in her shop the night of the "round up"; Open to anyone in the neighborhood
What: Equalist attack
Where: Vee's Flower Shop
When: During the Black out

Vee sat up late in her shop scribbling notes into on parchment. The prospect of helping to write a play for Li-Hau's theater had inspired her to seek out all the available information she could find on Avatar Aang's quest to bring balance to the world with his non-bending allies, Sokka and Suki. For the past few days, she had been immersed in the literature on the subject as she researched the topic for Li-Hau's play. Her shop was had since become the headquarters of the local Unity movement and was littered with fliers and propaganda espousing bender-nonbender unity. With Lin-Bei Fong's resignation, Vee had become disturbed by the totalitarian turn that the government of Republic City had taken towards non-benders, and had decided to work closely with the Unity groups in the city rather than the Republic City task force proper.

She was deeply engrossed in a passage describing the Avatar's time in the Foggy Swamp tribe when suddenly the power shut off, leaving her in complete darkness.

Vee gasped at the suddenness of the black out and fumbled around for a candle to give her some light. "If only I could make some fire right now" she mumbled to herself. She paused to listen to the sounds of the city, and could hear people starting to make their way to the street in seeming confusion and distress about the sudden lose of power.

Suddenly, Vee felt something a jarring presence of a hostile entity near by, as the plants around her began to shift and move in response to its arrival. Vee had only a moment to squint into the darkness before hooded Chi benders crashed into her shop. One of them reached out a glowing electric glove pointed in Vee's direction in preparation to electrocute her when a vine snapped out the air to grasp the Chi bender's arm. Alarmed the other Chi bender turned to electrocute all the plant life on the shelf, sending particles of debris and plant matter into a scalding cloud in the air.

Turning toward their intended target again, the Chi benders moved in rapid graceful efficiency towards Vee. Vee ducked under the counter and releasing the water barrels she had purchased specifically for home defense, she bended the water into ice and sent several ice spikes hurling in the direction of her attackers. The Chi bender in front nimbly avoided the sharp ice shards, while the other was struck in the side, and released a startled cry that Vee immediately recognized as a woman. Un-phased by his partner's injuries the other Chi blocker move with alacrity to catapult over the counter before Vee could bend any more water to her defense.
Trapped and cornered, Vee screamed as the Chi blocker moved in close.

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