U.R. Mods (urmods) wrote in unitedrepublic,
U.R. Mods

Republic City under Attack

Who: Everyone who is still active in the game.
What: Republic City is under Attack by the Equalist
Where: All over the city
When: During the Equalist attack on Republic City starting with the bombs going off.

OOC Ok this is a plot device where every character in Republic City who is still active in the game will need to respond. In the beginning of your comment mention where your character is when the city is attacked.

The sound of the first bomb to go off was quickly followed by a succession of other blasts that echoed through the city. Shadows of incoming airships darken the streets. These ships proudly display ominous Equalist propaganda, producing the desired effect of terrifying the city's bending residence.

News filters through the city that all the council have been captured (Even Tenzin the rumors say) and panic is already beginning to take the city when the air ships arrive and the bombs go off. The realization that Republic City is full under attack spreads through the entire metropolis. Sirens of police response teams fill the air with a cacophony of chaos.

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