OOC: Who is still in the game?

So I'm wondering who all is still active in the game. I've initiated a couple of roleplaying threads that haven't been replied to. Plus we are about 2 episodes behind the series at this point. This game had a lot of great start up but it seems like the momentum is kind of trailing off. I still would like to interact with other players but I want to know who on the game is still active so that I'm not initiating threads that don't go any where.
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Episode 03 discussion

Please use this post to discuss the episodes! Plan threads, talk about consequences for the game, or just chat about the episode and make predictions! Every new episode will have an accompanying discussion post, both to build community and to help everyone keep on top of continuity.
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OOC chat!

Hi everybody,

We're starting up an AIM chat for this game, the name is lokrpg and everyone is welcome. Come, talk about your characters, or the show, or whatever else you want to talk about; there's usually somebody there.

If anybody needs help setting up AIM, feel free to ask in the comments.

The alternative browser based chat can be found at: http://webchat.freenode.net/

Just enter lokrpg into the channel and come in.